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:: 062106 ::
Former front-man gHollenz appears as
Feature Creep aka Lou Susi at OutLoud

The Management made the rash decision to allow former front-man gHollenz to appear again in public at Melrose-base OutLoud Open Mic — rumor has it the redefined 'g' showed up as Feature Creep aka Lou Susi, reading 2 original poeMs and playing 2 songs from the Sewingbox by Beware the Haberdash — you heard it first, right here, at Clyve dot com.

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:: 030105 ::
Video Footage of the Management from Le Cabaret

The Management has at long last posted links to video footage from Le Cabaret de Enfant Terrible. At first thought to be lost or stolen — the recovered footage was actually purchased back from hooligans that seemingly stole the almost-forgetten reels. Check out the exclusive footage — right here, at Clyve dot com.

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:: 082604 ::
Possible guest singer gHollenz to attend the sound of Dolphins

Rumor has it that singer | songwriter | recluse | Clyve frontman gHollenz may stop by the sound of Dolphins poetry + spokenword group at the Javaroom in Chelmsford on Thursday, August 26.

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:: 062004 ::
Lee Todd Lacks' 'Low Vision Biker' album available

Although a limited press cd single of 'Low Vision Biker' was available as early back as Clyve's first appearance at PA's Lounge in Somerville, the new full length album is available for purchase direct from Lee Todd. 'I really wanted to get a quick-hit version of LVB out there with the classic 'Work Till You're Dead' as an EP-only cut. I am happy to say that the new full length really kicks ass & has been getting great response from the public. To pick up the 'Low Vision Biker' EP or full length cds - contact Lee Todd Lacks directly at leetodd@clyve.com.

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:: 052504 ::
Clyve & the management frontman gHollenz
performs at Club Passim

gHollenz stopped by the Open Mic at Club Passim on May 25 to perform the new Clyve song 'Think About It part 3'. 'It's a heavy-handed over-obvious little tune about the slow descent of family values as the importance of this war on terror keeps rising + rising across the world thanks to this heartless administration,' says g.

Other performers sharing their singer | songwriter talents were JenAnn Nichols, Eric the French, Ross and Jeremy, Liz Carlisle and many others.

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:: 031604 ::
A brannew band : Clyve & the management

Things are looking up for local rock band Clyve & the management. Recently put together from members of Beware the Haberdash, Outshined and Radio Pü — Clyve will perform songs about living life in a corporation. Front-man gHollenz mentions "There are alot of people out there who suffer the slings + arrows of the corporate workplace, and C+tm plan to take advantage of that special niche of listeners".

Many of the songs previously existed + have now been photocopied + distributed to the bandmates for perusal + practice purposes.

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:: 031404 ::
Clyve's first appearance l!ve

For those that need to know + would like to attend, Clyve & the management will be appearing at PA's Lounge in Union Square Somerville on March 27 2004. Clyve will appear as part of the Cabaret of Enfant Terrible under the auspices of chanteuse Leah Callahan + company. The set list for C+tm includes their popular anti-corporate hits 'Jackass' - 'Hey! What'chya Doin' for Lunch?' - 'Work 'Till You're Dead' + 'The Theme from Email'.

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